The List (2010-10-04)

Dear Gallus,

The things I have done on my Path Away From You

So first off, I have literally been to so many places that I wanted to go, but never even would have dreamed of actually getting to in the tiny little world we shared.

And I am going to:
-ICELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

And I also intend to schedule in:
-Croatia (sailing)
-Hong Kong
-New Zealand
-Canada (Yes I know I will need to narrow this down further)
-US (ditto)

I have ridden on the back of an elephant in the middle of the jungle.

I have rafted down a river in Thailand.

I have been down into the oldest and most extensive underground limestone caves in the world.

I have seen- and driven in- snow.

I have seen ballet at Sadler's Wells.

I have been to numerous temples and cathedrals and monasteries and duomos, some of which were over a thousand years old.

I have been to a classical concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

I have taken a random guy- with a hot accent- home.

I have sailed and swam amongst volcanic islands

I have seen incredible works of art at the foremost art galleries in the world.

I have seen ancient things- the Rosetta Stone; the Colloseum; the Pantheon; the Gates of Ishtar; Lindisfarne; as well as general Roman ruins & mosaics.

I have seen the Sistine Chapel; the Venus de Milo; the Thinker; the Mona Lisa and many many more ridiculously famous, cool things.

I have seen Mucha's original works in the country of his birth.

I have seen ancient gospels projected onto a 700 year old cathedral.

I have laid my cards on the table with a guy and had them accept me, knowing everything and not giving a damn, wanting me anyway.

I have been inside the house where Anne Frank lived and to this day, it was the most intense and moving thing I've ever witnessed/experienced.

I have taken burlesque classes- and would totally perform if ever given the chance.

I have seen Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.

I have made out with a cute stranger in a foreign country.

I have started my masters and will hopefully have the speechie equivalent of God as my supervisor for my dissertation.

I have moved across the country and remade my life from scratch.

I have moved across the WORLD and done the same.

I have come a long long way on my Path Away From You.

But I still have a way to go yet...


heart - break

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