Just wait over there... (2010-10-16)

Dear Gallus,

So subsequent to you popping up, I have been up and down. Most of the time I forget about it, as I have been so fuck off insanely busy I haven't had time to obsess, but then I have my lovely hour and a half commute- aaaah London- and then my mind has free reign to fuck itself up.

Predominantly I am just pissed off, but then sometimes I wonder why you did it and that leads to certain thoughts I am somewhat ashamed to even be entertaining.

I will probably need to wax lyrical about this more at a later date, however I am about to go meet the lovely Meg to begin my Bday weekend extravaganza and I refuse to let you ruin my birthday (which is tomorrow BTW).

So consider yourself shelved, at least for the next few days...


P.S Shouts out to PSammy on his Bday, I would say go fuck some shit up, but you're having a quiet one, so behave and enjoy xoxo

heart - break

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