Sweden= Awesomeness, Ja! (2010-11-01)

Dear Readers,

Hello m'lovelies, I am procrastinating and avoiding doing any uni work...although I really should as that is technically the reason why I brought my laptop with me on my holiday and thus far I have only utilised it for facebook and email. Although, this has turned out to be necessary as I have not seen a single internet cafe here and one of my iceland bookings has fallen through and I am trying desperately to reorganise, so yes, having laptop = win.

Anywho, Sweden on the whole is awesome. Everyone is really nice and even though I have been on my own the whole time, today is the first time I got hit on...although amusingly I continue to be mistaken for Swedish every 2 seconds. I think this is the tallish/blonde combo and also the fact that my dress style is quite similar- by accident I assure you.

It's kind of hilarious because I keep having Swedish people coming up to me and asking me for directions (in Swedish) which of course I don't understand. I completely blanked these sweet little old ladies last night because I didn't realise they were talking to me and I apologised and explained that I don't speak Swedish, but I had a map. And they laughed and politely declined- I have discovered that this is a pattern, they are happy to ask for directions, but seem to dislike maps- even the guys!

Anyway today I got hit on by a sleazy guy, who fulfilled my previous experiences in this vein i.e late thirties and for some reason they are almost always of afro-carribean descent. I've been trying to figure this one out, as it's not a racist thing, it genuinely is 9 times out of 10 an older black guy.

The group of guys at breakfast in Madrid; the creepo taxi driver who completely freaked me out; the random guy who asked me out on a bus; this other guy who hit on me at a bus stop and then today this guy on the metro- thus we can see a pattern, old, creepy and usually on public transport lol.

The thing that amuses me is that they think they are so smooth, they always open with some kind of line about how I am beautiful or something. So stupid. Yes, okay, you think I am pretty, however I am also young enough to be your daughter you sleazoid!

However I take heart from the fact that this has thus far been my only negative experience and I have been here for the better part of a week. No yellow spandex this time around, thank god!

In other news I think I have done pretty well, but I am getting a bit bored finally. I have been doing heaps of stuff, but am getting museumed out a tad. I have some more chillaxed days and then on my last night I am going to have dinner with my cousin and then I am off to Iceland woot! I think I shall have a slight surplus of cash and I'm not sure whether to change it for ISK or save it, given that I do really want to come back.

See this is the problem, I see these places, I have a ball and all it does is make me want to come back again :/

Here is a random list of things I love about Sweden:
-Cute tall boys (ranked second only to the Dutch at this stage) everywhere
- The fact that they have a massive range of lactose free products- AND these are readily available, including lactose free milk at breakfast!!! (I have never had this happen- EVER)
- The fact that the Swedish word Kok (with the dots) means kitchen (get your minds out of the gutter!!)
-They all speak English, but don't get pissy about you not speaking Swedish, they genuinely appreciate any attempt (French snobs take note)
- Because of the above mentioned point they don't bother to dub stuff, coz they know it doesn't really work (Italian cinemas take note), they have stacks of UK and US films and shows and they just use subtitles.

And last, but definitely not least:
- They believe in making regular pit stops for cake.

Oh yeah, my kind of place!


P.S I could write about Gallus, but I really can't be bothered allocating the energy. See, progress!

heart - break

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