And again with the lies (2010-11-23)

Dear Gallus,

I've had a shitty couple of days that have served to remind me how far away I am from all of my support system and how much this motherfucking country drives me NUTS.

Deep breaths...

I just want a cuddle...or multiple orgasms...preferrably both because I am just so stressed out I actually couldn't handle my supervision meeting today and ended up crying.....


This is not good, I am not like that, especially not at work and this is twice in the last month. I'm thinking I have to get out of this school, the situation is just untenable. The only thing that makes me not just pack it all in and tell them to go fuck themselves is my lovely hearing caseload of kiddies that I adore so so much.

Thank fuck I get to spend all day tomorrow with them, signing to my little heart's content, because I sure as shit would not be going to work otherwise.

I miss you today, I miss my friend.


heart - break

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