Lift your game! (2010-12-09)

If you work in the same field as I do, in the same country I am in, listen up.

The following is a list of shit I used to use regularly i.e almost every damn day back in Oz and yet you've never even heard of:

-Cut out cups
-Nuk brushes
-Phonological therapy
-Frog in the Box
-ALS boards
-Decent fucking artic tests

Things I have used less often, but still know about:

-Blank's levels
-Fingertip brushes

Take note and get your fucking shit together, for the love of god. Seriously, you are back in the freaking dark ages, update your skills to actually look at shit from within the last 15 years and then maybe, just maybe, you might vaguely approach the minimum standard I'm talking about.


heart - break

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