The prodigal daughter returns 2 (2011-01-01)

Dear Readers,

Hurrow! I am back from Egypt and once again in the land of the intermenet hurrah!

Awesome things about Egypt:

Fuck off cool temples and heiroglyphics and stuff everywhere.

Koshari= this amazingly cheap vego dish of rice and macaroni and fried onion and lentils and chickpeas and spicy tomato sauce. Hom nom nom nom. I want some right now!!

Scuba diving in Dahab and having a clown fish/Nemo come right up to my face! I got down over 11m on my first ever go- apparently I am a natural...once I stopped freaking out (see below).

Snorkelling at the Blue Hole and seeing amazing fish I have only seen in books AND two dolphins that swam right up next to me.

Cool silver jewellery. I may have gone a little nuts and come back with..err..5 new pendants *sheepish face*

Meeting a cool Oz couple who live in London and whom I am going to catch up with for vego food once they get back from Jordan.

Learning how they make Papyrus paper

Flying to Abu Simbel and seeing the giant statues of King Ramses II from the plane

Seeing Luxor temple (and the twin Obelisk of the one in Paris) all lit up at night

Amazing seafood dinner by the Red Sea with prawns the size of my hand for Xmas

Going to the Khan Kalili markets and being permitted to not only go into this amazing Mosque, but actually take photos (Fortune favours the brave!)

NOT getting sunburned by some miracle

Finding out I got a HD for my last assignment -the one I did in less than 24 hrs- HA! Get *in*!

Not so fun things about Egypt:

Getting hit on everywhere =and I do mean E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E- by everyone. So ridiculously skeazy, it was horrible.

Having the only one I didn't mind hitting on me- a super hot half arabic half french diving instructor- trade off my dive so he could make more cash from a group. Humph.

General lack of vego food and utter grief trying to find it.

Many random injuries- by the end of the trip I had an infected finger, sliced open ankle, and severely bruised little toe.

Having the doctor freak me right the fuck out by saying I had to have an intramuscular injection and I didn't have a choice, then think it was funny that I was terrified. Luckily I freaked him out when I burst into tears (embarassing, yet strangely effective) and he backtracked and said I could choose not to have it.
Alas this resulted in me being charged 120 euros for him to essentially do exactly what I did myself i.e clean it and put on a dressing and then give me some antibiotics. Except I would have done a shitload better job on the dressing front, this looked like a cast!!! Most uncool.

Having my anxiety come back with a vengeance- possibly as a result of the needle thing- resulting in a minor panic attack and more tears (just embarassing this time) just before I was about to go diving.

Peeing in the bushes due to no toilets on the felucca

Having a massively uncomfortable situation on the felucca due to one of the captains taking a shine to me. Dodged a bullet with that one.

Seeing in the morning of Xmas 2010 on a bus, after being on said bus for 17.5hrs. This is instead of with my beloved boys back in Oz *sad face*.

Not being able to speak to said beloved boys as they were meant to be at our Mum's house but were both MIA when I rang. Grrrh.

No intermenet cafes that didn't require a small mortgage

Random creepy Santa who said Bwahahah rather than hohoho (actually that was pretty funny)

Getting hissed at by random women for being deemed skanky (even while completely covered apart from my face/hair)

Fearing for my life while in a cab in Cairo.

Cairo in general; it's dirty, crowded, delapidated and full of gross skeazy men who treat you like dirt.

Being expected to tip for everything, even when you don't ask, or it's shit.

My expensive noise reducing earbuds deciding to shit themselves on my last day- thus plane ride and massive commute home with no music :(

Anyway I am hungry, so am going to go eat some dinner before vaguely considering starting to make myself presentable for the party I am attending this evening. I don't really care about NYE, it's all a load of shit and proper pagan new year has already been and gone, so smeh.

I did miss you all though and am happy to be back :)


heart - break

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