*sad face* (2011-01-06)

Dear Readers,

So yesterday I was glib, but today I have real stuff to discuss:

One of my kids died. This one I actually did have a reasonable amount to do with, so I just feel...weird. This is the first one of my clients that has died and I was shocked when I found out today. I didn't even know she was in hospital, let alone critical.

I just can't get over the fact that I won't see her again, it's really odd. I went to go write her name down, as she was due for a review this month and then i remembered...

I keep running over and over my recommendations and everything I did with her and just hoping that I didn't contribute to the situation. I don't think so, but it just makes me paranoid...


In other news I am now booked to go to Turkey in 6 weeks :) I go to Lisbon in a month and this weekend I am going to see my peeps up north. Team Fatima reunion whoop whoop!

I need some sleep. And a hug.


heart - break

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