BOR-ing! (2011-01-14)

Dear Readers,

Oh my goddess. I have just been listening to my housemate calling not one but two different people to tell the same boring BS that she also tried to shove down my throat when I got home tonight.

(BTW, I am not eavesdropping, I am in my own room, with the door shut, but she is in the lounge a metre away talking extremely loudly).

Literally for the last half an hour I have been trying not to gag.

Blah blah blah I am fantastic

Blah blah blah I talked to so many important people because I am SOOO important

Blah blah blah I might apply for a new position...oh wait maybe not...because my boss said I wasn't good enough [*snickers*]...but I'm going to tell you and everyone else to try and get you to say that I should ignore her

Blah blah blah....

I am rapidly losing the will to live. This was quite possibly the most boring crap about somebody else's life I have ever had to listen to the FIRST TIME.

Is everyone who works in marketing this much of a wanker???

Please, somebody shoot me!


heart - break

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