All clear (2011-02-10)

Dear Readers,

So I got a letter today saying that I don't have cervical cancer. Yay for me. And now I don't need to have another one for 2 years. Thank all that is holy.

Meanwhile I had an awesome couple of days in Lisbon/Sintra filled with sunshine, which was desperately needed. Now I only have 10 more days and I will be in Turkey. I also booked my flights for Greece in March. At this point, it looks like I am going to be travelling every 2 to 3 weeks until May. Maaaaadddd.

In other news I have been working late all this week due to the fact that nobody else seems to be able to do their job properly, so I end up having to do it for them. I am ridiculously sick of cleaning up other people's mess and having to fix their fuck ups. If I met someone here who actually performed at the standard I am used to, I would die of shock.

I'm going to bed now. Nighty night.


heart - break

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