Wtf people! (2011-03-28)

Dear Readers,

So I am back from my Greek sojourn to discover that not one, but two friends got engaged while I was gone. Holy hell peoples, it was only a week, WHAT THE FUCK?!

And what is weirder is that they are both equally perturbing...

Friend A) Is technically my ex, Will. Do not worry your pretty little heads, I have no issue and am not upset, there will be no 11th hour church objections, it's more that Will is not the marrying kind.
We used to make fun of married people in addition to people who get engaged after only being together for a little while (i.e less than 3 years) when they are really too young and stupid and poor to have a wedding anyway. i.e Him right now. WTF indeed!

Friend B) Is a friend from Uni who is a self professed committment-phobe, used to be the queen of the pash and dash, hates holding hands, thought relationships were smothering and generally to be avoided etc. etc. IS NOW ENGAGED.


Will, I can kinda get, it's weird, but okay, but Cat?! CAT?! That's *ME* getting engaged.

Ugh. Gross. The mere thought makes me feel somewhat ill. I think I need a lie-down...


P.S I will post about Greece later I promises xo

heart - break

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