For a particular someone... (2011-04-05)

Dear Readers,

So, I am keeping a promise to one of you (coz she is speshool to me) and finally updating. I will attempt to make it sunny, but I'm more than slightly brainfried, so forgives me for my randomness...

Good/funny things that have recently occurred:

My mum sent me a care package with chemical free sunscreen (impossible to get here) and fruchocs and mint slice bikkies and 'The Tao of Pooh'. It was really random and sweet, it made me smile.

My friend had her baby! Another girl, with an unfortunate bogan name, but I shall love her anyway- and firmly blame her dad for such poor spelling. (Well, he is from Townsville...)

I went to see Balletboyz with K.T. I have no words for the awesomeness, only a wistful sigh. Such incredible movement and insanely beautiful lines while being utterly masculine- and hot! And a 1 and a 2 and a 3- aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It is now only 24 days until I get to see my boys- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the excitement!

My yoga teacher and I had an hilarious conversation on Sat when she just randomly informed me "You know I was trying to pimp you out the other day."
Lol! (Wait, it gets better) This is to an Oz guy from her gym who "isn't really actually that good looking, but he is nice." Thanks champ! Lmao.

I went to Bath on Sunday and had a lovely day, although I had to enforce a 'no talk about work' policy. This in turn forced my friend to talk about other things, which is how I discovered that she too has vaginismus- wait a sec, what the?! (Wait, it gets better!)

We talked in depth, it was AWESOME, because we both expressed how fucking irritating it is for everyone to be all "Oh, I understand", when you know that they actually have no idea, and even worse, when they then say in the next breath "Oh, but you just need to be drunk/stoned/high/comatose/relaxed" or (my personal pet peeve) "find the right person". My my, how different it is to talk about it with someone who KNOWS.

She met this awesome guy recently that she really really really likes and guess what, it still hurt like a motherfucking bitchslut (see, that's right, 'right person' my arse). I did express to her that there are perhaps things she can do to improve things next time- communication being probably the most important- and the funny part was I could tell she wanted to dismiss it, but then she reconsidered because I do actually know what it's all about. (I'm going to keep working on it, because I want one of us to have some decent sex damnitt!)

Aaaaannnd then we went to Ann Summers. Ahahahahah. Funny funny shit. We're both so open and so not bothered by it, we were just walking around checking shit out and having discussions about various things and their pros and cons. She then informed me that we have to go proper sex shopping in the future, because she is apparently *insert secretive face here* 'More than a tad kinky and just a liiiiitttle bit of a sex kitten'. AHAHAHAHAH! LMAO! Love it!

Did shop and get a whole pile of books to get me through my massive train journeys without having to use up my books on my kindle. Am quite engrossed in them thus far. (This is good, as I have a 7hrs worth of train travel to complete on the weekend, not counting the commute TO the train station itself).

Also had a Very Cute Guy in Starbucks check me out (twice) and then chicken out on talking to me. And then I flirted with a random on the train and made him blush by calling him 'Gentlemanly'- hilarious. (See, I can even interest the hot ones!)

So all in all, a successful day!

Ummm what else....I booked my hotel for Singapore and am in the midst of planning my sojourn to Ireland and my friend is all up for Morocco and my other friend has committed to Croatia, so my travel is basically arranged- with no more than 3 week gaps- until I leave. I also sorted out my new tax company so that I will actually get some decent monies from here until when I finish working at the end of July.

And I think that is pretty much it. Work is still fucked, so I won't talk about that. I am taking the morning off tomorrow though, although I suspect I will then end up working late, just like today, BUT I will not have to commute to fuckoff nowhere on Friday because I have to do this special thing and then I can work from home and actually get my massive load of paperwork done and then I will feel better!

Meanwhile one of my darling friends is leaving on Thurs, her going away dinner is tomorrow night and I am sad. But I shall go to Melbourne and stay on her couch (which has my name on it) and fun and frolicks shall ensue :)

Now I should go eat something as I am starting to get a hunger headache.

(I hope that a certain someone liked it!)


heart - break

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