Every girl should have some Pussy Confidence (2011-04-08)

Dear Readers,

So I thought I should put in some funny stuff that has happened recently (ish, one of these is from a while ago) although from somewhat sad beginnings.

1) I had a disagreement with someone today about makaton vs. BSL because of 'connotations'. It pisses me off that BSL is seen as this big bad thing because it is associated with the Deaf community and therefore not to be used by hearing parents. Stupid! Meanwhile people recommend Makaton, seemingly ignoring the fact that -aside from the linguistic issues because it is so limiting- it is associated with the intellectually impaired community.

And she just didn't get it. I'm sorry but BSL is more appropriate for a HI child- even if it's only to supplement, it is still more appropriate culturally speaking. Teaching them Makaton is just feeding into the bullshit and archaic idea of equating being non-verbal with being cognitively impaired.

Anyway, it just reminded me of this hilarious incident a few weeks ago when 2 of my HI kiddies bumped into one of my colleagues- who works with ASD kids- in the hallway. And she stopped and said hello to them, which was fine, but then proceeded to talk to them loudly and slooooowwwllly like they were morons- while signing in Makaton.

And the kids- both of whom are entirely verbal and don't sign a bit- just looked at her like she had completely lost her mind and then turned and looked at me like 'You *know* this woman?!'. Yes, that's right folks, it does cut both ways, when you treat cognitively intact, quite bright kids like they are stupid and don't even sign in an actual fucking language, they in turn think YOU have special needs.

And I feel that that incident pretty much sums up the crux of the issue really. Deaf is not stupid. And incidentally having a hearing loss doesn't automatically mean you sign and if you do, it wouldn't (and IMHO shouldn't) be in Makaton anyway.

Funny story number 2- a very good friend of mine left today to fly home *sniff*. We had a going away dinner/drinks for her on Tues and she was talking about how she is leaving her complete douche of a boyfriend here -thankgod!- and randomly remarked on the fact that he was okay in bed, but (and I quote):
"Now I come to think of it, most of the guys I've been with have been pretty good, but I think that's actually because of me, because I am *awesome* at sex. Clearly, because I am the only common factor!"

I laughed. My. Arse. Off. Officially the funniest thing I have heard all week- possibly all year!

The same friend also remarked on the way home on the tube that she probably would have a goodbye shag with the now ex-douche b/f but "I'm not going to do anything, it's my little experiment. We'll just see if it's anything to write home about without me doing my *insert pelvic thrusts here* thang."
I swear, I almost wet myself I was laughing so hard.

Now THAT my friends, is pussy confidence!

Damn do I wish I had some. Sigh.


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