I'm coming home, I'm coming home... (2011-04-17)

Dear Readers,

So I fly out tonight to have a couple of days in Singapore and THEN I shall be finally finally finally back on home soil.

Oh my fucking god, I am so ridiculously excited. I don't actually know if I will even sleep on the plane, as all I can think is FUN! FRIENDS! FRESH FRUIT & VEGIES! and last but not least-

MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!


My middle bro sent me the cutest email (he doesn't normally email) saying that he doesn't know when he will be working, but he will definitely make time to see me and that he will try and take me to the airport and it will be awesome to see me. And then in standard style left off the email with 'Remember, take it easy and if it's easy, take it home'.

Ahahah. See, this is why I love and miss them so so much. Because they are AWESOME and the bestest boys in the whole wide world.

Did I mention that I am really ridiculously obscenely excited to be going home??

Coz I am :D

The only problem is that I suspect I am not going to want to come back again. But I have to, as I have a trip to Ireland already paid for and a trip to Switzerland and France and Italy also semi-organised. Damnitt.


heart - break

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