Let me sum up... (2011-05-16)

Dear Readers,

So I am sorry I deserted you all, it has been mad I tells you, maaaaaaaaaad! Technically I am knackered so don't even really have time to write this, but I promised a certain person who is speshul to me, thus, updatage, albeit in a half arsed way.

Let me explain...no there is too much, let me sum up:

-I went back home, it was mostly awesome apart from
1) My friend's new baby actually being in some rather serious trouble and not feeding well and being massively underweight. Meanwhile my friend was not being informed of this, or the medical implications of a whole bunch of shit that happened when she was born because her friend (a newly qualified generalist nurse) thought it was better "not to stress her out". I cannot even begin to describe how many things were/are wrong with that because it pisses me off immensely to even think of it. This is why there is such a thing as a professional/personal boundary- or at least there damn well should be!

2) Finding out said friend who has known her for 2 seconds is a bridesmaid, while I- who has known her for 10 years and is supposedly her best friend- was completely and utterly left out of everything. I'm serious, everyone that she is close to is either a bridesmaid, groomsman or MC. This upset me a LOT. Like to the point of tears, which was kinda weird.

3) My mother and her drama which began literally the moment I stepped off the plane *eyeroll* ridiculous!

4) Finding out I have a $5,300 HECS bill, because my stupid accountant didn't tell me I needed to be paying it while I was o/s. Grrrrh baby, very grrrh.

5) My older brother deciding to be an arsehole to me, my baby brother (on his birthday no less) and my baby brother's g/f- most uncool to say the least.

Like I said, aside from this, it was pretty fucking sweet. I cannot WAIT to be home!!! Nevertheless due to point 3) I also decided that I will not be returning to my hometown for any significant period of time. I will be there long enough to say hi to everyone, but I cannot under any circumstances live there again, or at least not without the risk of matricide.
Although my friends were deliriously excited to see me and my cousin did offer for me to live with her if I needed to to avoid the mothership (she also made me red velvet cupcakes and got me a truckload of haighs to take home. She is officially too good to me <3) I still just couldn't even face the idea, my mother really would drive me INSANE.

- I had a *very interesting* chat with my aunty who is a genuine-swear-to-god psychic (like it's her job and everything) after she came up to me at a family party and was like "you need to come and see me" before whipping out her diary.
Just to explain, this is weird for her, she is generally pretty scatty -goes with the territory- so I knew that level of organimisation meant she had something to tell me.
So yes, I won't post publicly about what she actually said, because it sounds outlandish at best, but will keep you posted regarding the accuracy (in her defence she has been on the money with a whole bunch of other stuff, so she is allowed to be a bit off with this).

-I got a new job! This means I can give up the shit that I hate that is stressing me out and best of all it's a piss easy post with NO KIDS DYING- huzzah!!!

Speaking of, I start said new job tomorrow, so I really should get my tired ass to bed.

Nighty night


heart - break

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