Ugh, give it a rest already! (2011-07-09)

Dear Readers,

So, everything is in full swing for me going home. I have 2 weeks left at work and am gradually knocking stuff off my list of shit I want to do in London/ the UK around trying to sort out my life. I have been applying for jobs and organising to sell a whole bunch of stuff and gradually thinning my wardrobe etc. Honestly it just feels like it will never end.

And as the process enters it's final stages and the stress continues to build all I can think about is how it's all going to be just as much of a pain in the ass on the other side. I have SO MUCH TO DO, it is doing my head in!

And I hate saying goodbye to my kids, it always makes me sad. I lurve my hearing kiddies, they are so sweet/cute/amazing/inspiring.

All in all I really need a cute non arsehole boy for a bit of fun and stress release in this intense period of utter insanity.

Unfortunately I have come to realise that my time in the UK where I appear to be a more shiny commodity is swiftly drawing to a close and then i shall be back in Brisbane where I stick out like a sore thumb amongst the size 8 barbies with perfectly straightened hair *gag*.

I am deadly serious I actually contemplated buying a GHD for cheap before I go last night. Then I gave myself a mental slap in the face because a) I refused to buy into that bullshit back then, why the hell should I start now and b) I am lazy as hell when it comes to that kind of thing, as if I would give up 20min when I could be sleeping straightening my hair- seriously, grooming? Over SLEEPING? ahahahah, as if!!

And on that note, I should probably go to bed, I have a big day tomorrow with the crazy Amazing Race style treasure hunt I have planned for KT's 30th Bday Surprise Extravaganza. I really hope that she likes it!!!


heart - break

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