ME rant, part 2 (2011-07-18)

Dear Readers,

So, this rant is in two parts, but to have it make any sense I should give some background:

My flatmate went out on Fri night for something, didn't get in until 4am and ended up having a (female) friend with her. This is obviously cool.

The next morning they went out to brunch/breakfast and I was already up- but I had made sure not to go down that end of the house and make any noise until I was sure they were awake, because I am nice like that.

Anywho, I was sitting on the couch because I was waiting for my boxes to arrive and keep in mind they have been up and getting ready for half an hour and I still have no idea who the friend is.

They then walk past me and FM stops and has a quick chat about plans for the day while the friend just stands there, doesn't say hello, doesn't introduce herself, doesn't even look in my direction. That is not cool. A) you just stayed over at my house, you can at least be fucking polite and B) I was RIGHT THERE.

So, this was yesterday. Today I got dragged along by my flatmate to a performance for her choir. I really didn't feel like it, but she kept bugging me and eventually I was like 'Fine'.

Now on the way there we got caught in a torrential downpour and the weather was shitty- part of why I didn't want to go. Then FM takes a phonecall and says 'Oh, E says she's here'. E of course being the rude arsed houseguest from the day before. Excellent.

Anyway so she turns up dragging her bf who is a) HOT and b) Australian. It turns out E is also part of the choir- I didn't know this- so they go to get ready. Keep in mind that she didn't apologise for the day before, although at least this time she did deign to introduce herself.

Thus bf and I are left to fend for ourselves and he goes to get a drink and we walk and talk and it turns out that in addition to a) & b), he also fulfils criterion c)- he is LOVELY. He kept offering to get drinks for the girls and for me and I politely refused, but he was just so damn nice.

Then we go to the stage, problem is the speakers are SHIT and there is massive feedback/reverb, so we end up having to be a bit back so that we could actually hear the music as music rather than screech.

So we chat chat chat, have heaps in common, he's really cool, really nice. We do listen to the choir, but to be honest you could barely hear them over the backing music and the screech.

Then they finish and they come find us and the first thing out of E's mouth is 'Could you be any further fucking far back?!' BF, still being lovely, is like 'Oh hon, you did really well' blah blah, tells her she looks beautiful and gives her a kiss and she just cracks the shits about how they weren't on for that long and these people were on longer and blah blah blah.

Are you fucking serious? It's a county fair dude, not the West End. You are not a celebrity, get the hell over yourself.

She literally bitched for the entire rest of the afternoon- this is after she dragged bf off to have a domestic and then send him on his way. Turns out she was apparently cracking it on stage as well because we were talking the whole time.

Again, it was a fucking choir performance at a county fair. You can listen and look and talk, it's not that fucking hard. It's not a movie or a full on dance or anything and frankly, they weren't that good and as previously mentioned, the speakers screeching did not help.

Subsequently I found out from FM that part of the reason that she cracked it was because bf was already in the doghouse for not coming to the Fri concert- because he had to go to his mother's 60th birthday.

Really? He got in trouble for not going to a choir performance, which was going to be replicated in 2 days time because he DARED to attend a once in a lifetime major family event.

You're right. What a bastard *eye roll*.

But wait, it gets better. Apparently this is an ongoing problem because he *drumroll*.... has ME, therefore he's "always sleeping" and "not spending time with her".

Are you FUCKING SERIOUS?! You are going to get shitty with a nice, lovely, genuinely sweet young man who has the misfortune of having this completely fucked up condition through no fault of his own for not paying you enough attention, because oh yeah, he's physically unable to.

*throws her hands in the air*

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Is WRONG with you?!

Actually, scratch that, WTF is wrong with the world when the awesome guys end up with pretentious, arrogant, RUDE, prissy bitches who don't actually want bf's so much as STAFF.

I haven't felt so confused with the utter imbalance of the social order since I found out that the anti-christ was getting married. Seriously, the anti-christ, so nick-named due to her penchant for setting out to destroy the lives of others because she is a legitimate sociopath found someone who wants to MARRY HER. Dude, unless it is to gain right of attorney so that she can be committed, I really can't see why on earth you would want to do that.

And now, one of the nicest guys I have ever met is dating a she-beast megalomanic. Why? Why why why? Can't she find herself a wanker in a suit who works in a bank and is just as much of a tool as she is and leave the lovely bf for someone who isn't a complete bitch??

Life is completely unfair.


heart - break

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