0 for 2 (2011-08-07)

Dear Readers,

So depressed right now. I bombed on my interview the other week and unsurprisingly, didn't get the job. I was actually okay with that as, like I said, I completely fucked it up- and frankly it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea anyway.

The other job however was one I actually wanted and I didn't even GET an interview, wtf?? I am more than qualified, truly, I can't see why I didn't even get a shot at it, unless it is the O/S thing.

I am starting to stress though- what is wrong with me? I usually nail interviews and have gotten basically every job I've gone for since I graduated, except one and that was to do with logistics and they liked me so much they created a post from thin air so that they could still hire me. But now it's like my mojo has deserted me and it's all gone to shit.

I am really really worried about not being able to get a job now. And it sucks because I am top of my field in London, but seemingly bottom of the pile back home.

Sigh, this is what I have been trying to tell people, the difference in quality really is huge...I just never thought that it would affect ME like this. I am still decent by Australian standards, I swear!!

Someone- aside from education or ASD- please hire me, please?


heart - break

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