Schtuff (2011-09-09)

Dear Readers,

I'm baaaaaaaaccckk. Sorta. For now. But I am going to do that annoying dot point thing that you all love so much...

-My friends got married and actually ended up asking me to be MC, which was, in a word, TERRIFYING. Luckily it all went pretty well- helped immensely by the fact that her mum finally calmed the fuck down and stopped stressing her out. He of course was psycho stressed and ended up yelling at me, but calmed down after some drinks. Apparently they both had a good day and are now on their honeymoon shagging like rabbits. Phew!

-I got a new job! In my fav Australian city, HUZZAH! This has unfortunately meant absolute insanity with packing and moving and sorting things out. Meanwhile I seem to have lost one of my favourite books and a DVD player in the 2 years while I was away. I have absolutely no idea where either of these things are. Hopefully my friends know, but unfortunately I don't think I'm going to find out in time to book my shipping. Sigh.
I just hope I can get everything else packed in time...and under 30 kgs per box. Yet again I realise that I have way too much stuff. The irritating thing is that I actually would be quite happy to get rid of most of it, but I don't have time to. I did pack up a box for my bestie with a whole bunch of flashcards for her kids and kitchen stuff...
Random aside- should I get rid of my george foreman grill given that I don't eat chicken any more???
... but there's a shit load to go.

-Uni is kicking my ass. One of my topics is fucking hard, not helped by a lecturer who is a hardass and won't respond to his emails and THEN refuses to give me an extension, even though he is the one who put my deadline out with his lack of contact. Douche.
The simple fact is that between weddings and taking care of my bestie's kids...
Random Aside #2- My goddaughter is so freaking cute, I just wanted to cuddle her and kiss her fluffy little head all day long.
...and job stuff and packing and organising my life I have had zero time for uni, so now I am pretty much screwed.

- Today I drove an hour and a half to get waxed by my favouritest waxer in the whole wide world. Is it wrong that I love my waxing lady as much as (probably more than) some of my friends? She is Moroccan and AMAZING- makes her own caramel wax and does a near painless brazillian in 15 min flat. AND she is cheap as chips. As sad as it sounds, she is probably the thing I miss the most about where I used to live. Sigh. I had actually forgotten that amazing freshly waxed feeling- when done properly of course. Mhmmm. Silky smooth. Loves it!

And I think that's pretty much all of the major stuff. I will attempt to update once I am settled in my new city and schtuff, but I'm not sure if I will have net access, so if I'm offline for a bit, that's why :)

Stay cool San Diego!


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