Super Foss to the Rescue! (2011-09-19)

Dear Readers,

I started my new job today and I am ridiculously tired, so prep yourselves for some random stylings ala CBTM...

I really like my new team. They are sooooo nice and supportive and just cool. It's weird, I haven't worked somewhere like this...well..ever lol. Like I have always had one or two people I got along with, but never an entire room full of super friendly, easy to work with people.

I got two new (chemical free) lipsticks and I luuuuuubbbbbbbbbzzzz them. Super pumped to try them out!

I got screwed over by one set of friends- was super pissed and super upset & stressed, which I have since realised was due in no small part to an unhealthy dose of PMS (gotta love being a girl- NOT) until another friend stepped in and saved the day today.

This probably makes no sense without context, so I shall explain- our mutual friend is getting married in October and we were meant to be staying at the female half of the recently married couple's parents place, which was a half hour drive away. This meant that nobody had to pay heinous amounts for accommodation and since I don't drink, they got a designated driver, everybody wins!

This was hr before I was due to leave for the airport when said female half informs me that 'Oh yeah, I was thinking it was a bit far [wtf?, it's half an hour!] so we might get a hotel room.'

Shhhiiiiittttt, says I, but mokay, I can roll with this, I find us a unit thing that we can all rent for $200, with two separate rooms and a sofa bed. She's not keen, but to be honest, she never is, so I'm not too worried.

But then, when I am at the airport getting my bags out of the trunk I say to the male half of the couple (who is meant to be one of my good friends) 'So, let me know about splitting that accommodation..'
and then HE says....wait...I don't think I can actually type this without wanting to throw my lap top against the wall....

*calming breaths*

So, HE says: 'Well, to be honest, I don't think that's going to happen, we shouldn't share, coz we're married now.'




I actually walked away without even hugging him goodbye because I was just so fucking pissed off. You can't share a fucking APARTMENT, with a separate ROOM and a LOCKABLE DOOR which would help EVERYONE because you're being a smug bastard that I am single.

For fuck's sake, it's not catching!

I can't remember a time when I have wanted to punch someone in the face as badly as I did at that moment.....or at least not someone that I haven't at least dated first....

Sooo, just to review, in connection with massive moving costs ($500 later..) and having to pay rent and bond and start repaying my extensive HECS debt at $400 a month- this is after not working for 2 months and then shelling out almost $500 for flights, I am pretty much screwed.

I cannot afford $150 for a hotel room on my own, just because one of my so called friends decides to be an asshole....oh yeah, this is after I delay my start date at work by 2 weeks so that I can house and dog sit for them.


Anyway, I whinged about this to my other friend (who happens to be a bridesmaid) and I said how I felt like the 12 yo trying desperately to get off the kiddie table and it was majorly pissing me off. She incidentally has booked one of the apartments, but with another one of the bridesmaids and she was like 'Look, at a pinch, you can crash on our sofa bed'. The problem of course being that the other bridesmaid is a psychohosebeast and pregnant, so even more psycho than normal, so we didn't know how that was going to roll...

Then today I noticed I had a missed call from her, so I called her back and she tells me that she had an idea and she wants to pay for me to get my own room for my birthday present.

I refused initially, because that is a much much too expensive a gift, but she insisted and thus saved my arse, afterwards sending me an utterly hilarious email saying not to worry about the money, she was happy to do it and "not to be all money bags on you, but I do earn a lot for not doing very much, so I like to share the wealth around." Lmao!

Honestly, I got a little choked up after I got off the phone, I was just blown away by her generosity. Just the fact that she would even think of that really made me think about how damn lucky I am to have such incredible people in my life. I'm not sure what I did to deserve it, but I am truly grateful.


heart - break

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