Isolated (2011-10-11)

Dear Readers,

So, my birthday is fast approaching. And I am trying not to think too much about it- not because of getting older, but because I will be alone on my birthday for the first time in a loooooonnng time.

I don't mean single, I mean literally alone. I will have just moved in to my new place, but my housemate will be away in Darwin. I have NONE of my family and I thought I would be going out to dinner with my friend Foss, but she made other plans.

I am literally going to be sitting alone in my house on my birthday. I kind of cracked it and organised a brunch, but I'm not sure if anyone will actually show up :/

I spoke to my friend Joel and kinda guilted him into coming out to dinner/coffee, but at the same time, it shits me that this is what I am reduced to, essentially manipulating people to spend time with me. I'm kind of embarassed that I've become that kind of person...

In other news I will be the ONLY single person at my best friend's wedding, surrounded by smug marrieds. Shoot me now.

On the bright side, I did score flowers and some AWESOME cake at work, so that wasn't half bad for only having worked there for 3 weeks lol.

Tomorrow I move on to being bored at training. Expect more bitching after this- you have all been warned.


heart - break

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