Nomadic ways (2011-10-15)

Dear Readers,

I had a reasonably big day yesterday- did my assignment (finally), had my boxes delivered (finally), got waxed (finally) and discovered I have lost a grand total of 5kg since I've been back- just through eating vaguely normally and drinking more water. I think this may be due in part to having dodgy scales, but I'm happy to pretend it's true lol.

So tonight it's my 'birthday party' and I am doing the standard annoying girl thing of 'I've got nothing to wear! Then I started unpacking my boxes and I realised that I have waaaaayyy too many goddamn clothes. Then of course yesterday there was a sale on at my fav shoe store...$250 later... *sheepish face*

This is after doing not one, not two, but THREE orders at ASOS and a massive trawl at Threadless. In my defence all items purchased were on sale and the Threadless thing was because I was looking for pressies for my boys and they had a $10 sale. Thus I got 2 shirts for my middle bro and...ermm...8 for myself *sheepish face x2*.

I blame living out of a suitcase, it makes you crave shopping!

I miss travelling though, I miss it so damn much. Just the thought that I might not be going O/S for another year or more makes me want to dive out the window.


Do you know what I just realised? My travel addiction has replaced my need for cuddles. I'm serious, now I don't wish I had someone to spoon with, I wish I was off in Morocco in the heat and the smells and the craziness of another culture.

And another thing- it has now been added to my list of requirements:

Loves to travel

Is that too much to ask?


heart - break

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