Hopefully this is just the PMS talking... (2011-11-19)

Dear Readers,

I have a bunch of shit to post about but am really irritated about something and just need to vent or I won't be able to sleep-

I put up photos of my friend's wedding- details to follow- and one of the bridesmaids (the selfish, backstabbing one- Miss Aryssa, you know who I'm talking about) tagged herself and my best friend in some photos and now some of HER friends are commenting on MY photo about HER.

And that just really really pissed me off. I thought I had put my photos on the maximum privacy settings, but apparently because she tagged herself, all of the people she bloody knows can look at them too and I can't find any way to change it.

I am really really tempted to either a) untag her (as I did change the settings so no-one can tag without my permission), b) delete all of her friend's comments or c) delete the damn photo altogether.

I know, I know, it's petty and stupid and I can't even tell you why it annoys me so much, it just...does. For some reason people I don't know talking about someone I do know to be a two faced bitch in a positive light on MY photo just grates.

Put up your own photos you self obsessed cow.


*5 minutes later*

Upon reflection, I'm wondering if this somewhat irrational rage may perchance be influenced by my impending period. To be honest, part of me hopes so, otherwise I am having my very own 'them bitches be crazy' moment for absolutely no reason...


heart - break

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