I'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing results... (27.1.2012)

Dear Readers,

So I've had a little break. The reasoning for this is that my life is beginning to resemble something along the lines of 'Freaks and Geeks' except revamped to become Freaks and ASSHOLES.

So do you all remember the guy who was like my intellectual match, but whom I wasn't really attracted to? Well I did resolve to go on the date and just see what happened and if there was no chemistry still, just pull the friend card. I got dressed up in my super cute dress and wore nice underwear- in keeping with trying to work myself into the whole 'date' concept, not because I expected him to see it, just to be clear.

And then I get a text message at 10am the morning of the date saying he had 'unexpectedly started seeing someone else' so he had to cancel.


For a start cancelling on someone on the day is pretty poor form, but doing so when you only made the arrangement with them a couple of days earlier is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Dude, you asked ME out and then you renege- on the day no less- because someone else is on the scene. That's fine, people date several people at once, whatever, my issue is more, if it's so fucking serious, don't attempt to start shit up with someone else in the first place.

And if you met them over the weekend, you would have known you were going to cancel way before you actually did, so have the balls to own that, rather than making me look like an idiot at work (because everyone could tell I was going on a date).

You have been judged and the survey says- ASSHOLE!

And he seemed so nice and normal too. Epic fail!

Subsequently I 'met' someone else, essentially because we are both Buffy aficianadoes (sp? for plural there, but whatever). And I stupidly gave him my number because I thought we had stuff in common and while yes, we do in a sense, the problem is he has zero social skills and having a conversation with him was like the Spanish Inquisition. He just asks a thousand questions AND THEN nitpicks your answers. It's like having to undergo a really stressful exam- ON YOUR OWN LIFE!!

Again I say WTF?! Why are these guys coming out of the woodwork, it's fucking horrific.

Needless to say, I am done. I apologise to the rest of the male species, but I am definitely writing you all off- at least for now.

In other news I am starting up an online store for my jewelry (good ol etsy), if anyone is interested lemme know via note with your email addy or diary page (whatever floats your boat) and I will send you a link.

xo Me

P.S If anyone actually gets the quote that is the title of this entry and where it is from, you win a gold star! (It helps if you read it in a camp, slightly sibilant voice)

heart - break

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