Oh for fuck's sake... (7.2.2012)

Dear Readers,

Soooo things are pretty much fucked. I thought I had a car sorted on Sat, but after 2.5 hrs and a bunch of fucking around ( I hate dicking about with that stuff, I just want shit SORTED) it all fell apart because they are morons.

On Friday it looked like I had a place to move in to sorted, but I just had this baaad feeling and sure enough, today THAT fell apart. Mostly because she wants to be dodgy and I don't want to engage in that kind of stuff. Plus if she is going to be that much of a tight arse right off the bat, fuck knows how horrendous she will be to live with, it may be another only child self absorbed princess a la England all over again *shudders*. So, maybe it is for the best...

But the car thing still pisses me off immensely. I feel like I wasted most of my Saturday and still have nothing to show for it. And I will be beyond homicidally angry if there is nothing decent for me to pur-chase tomorrow and I left work early to go do it.


Maybe I should just live with the slightly odd married couple with the guy who did nude art photography. Ironically it was not the nude thing that bothered me, so much that he works from home and I would probably never have any space. I need to have room to breathe or I just become a crazy person, particularly with my current job and having to deal with insane parents all the time.

Arrgh, why does everything in my life have to be a mess all at once?! I'm over this shit!


heart - break

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