People suck (2012-02-20)

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my rant, it shall be in two parts.

Part Une:
Fuck people airing their dirty laundry on facebook just to get attention/sympathy. Seriously, what are you, 12? This same person has been sending me bullshit text messages about this same issue, never once asking how I am, or what's going on with me. She has no idea that I was about to be homeless (again) and all of the immense amounts of crap I am dealing with.

I'm not saying that what is happening to her is pleasant, not at all, more that constantly fucking shoving it in other people's faces because you want sympathy and attention is both irritating and pathetic.

And what shits me the most is that I found out that another friend is/was going through the exact same thing, but guess what, she dealt with it like an adult and didn't sit there complaining about it ad nauseum. She *shock gasp horror* recognised that it was private and not appropriate to post about on facebook. I only found out about it at all because I texted her about something else and found out that on the day in question she had been in hospital.

Yes, it's fucking horrible, but here's a tip, be classy, not crazy. Coz frankly crazy is just seriously fucking annoying and makes me want to punch you in the face.

NB: I know I sound like a bitch but she CRIED IN FRONT OF MY MUM and dragged her in to this whole sob story. I'm sorry, but that crosses a line. You don't seek attention from other people's parents, you have your own for that.

Part Deux:
I am really fucking stressed. And tired because I haven't been sleeping because I am really fucking stressed. Thus I am sleep deprived, cranky AND hornier than normal. All I wanted was some decent (free) porn.

And I found an awesome clip that was perfection, until it turns out that they had dubbed out all the noise(s) and put this really fucking irritating doof doof music over the top.

Are you fucking shitting me?!?!?!?

I ask you, what is the point of awesome visuals if you can't hear the moaning???

They completely fucking ruined it for me because in their moronic heads people don't want to watch sex and hear it at the same time, no no, apparently we all listen to freaking N-Dubz and Bass hunter to get us in the mood.

*throws hands in the air*

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?!?!?

/End Rant


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