Recap (2012-04-13)

Dear Readers,

I warn you this shall be random and somewhat swift as I am just waiting for my show to download and then I shall be sleeping.

Thoughts in my little head of late:

-I have really gotten in to New Girl, but it does make me miss my brothers and living in my crazy testosterone filled house when I was growing up. Damn it was fun. Completely mad, but a lot of fun.

-I have discovered that a friend of mine, that I used to really admire and look up to and hoped to one day emulate, has completely gone to the darkside and become a superficial bimbo who can't hold a conversation. SIDEBAR: This is what Sydney does to people! *nods sagely*. I'm deadly serious, more than 10 years ago the woman discovered a gene that results in the expression of a form of cancer in children, leading directly to a test for it, (which was named after her) and now she is obsessed with some stupid haircut of Rhianna's from 2008 and spent 2 HOURS researching it. What. The. Fuck?! I'm meant to be seeing her again tomorrow and I'm slightly terrified :/

- There is a beautiful man who works in my building and goes to my gym who is my eye candy and I want to do bad bad things to him. Repeatedly.

- My new Swedish desk buddy is teaching me random stuff in Swedish, word of the day style, it's awesome! Now, if only he would get on to convincing his hot friends/relatives to come to Australia, I would be able to test out this new found linguistic knowledge in more fun ways...

- I have really been missing Gallus lately, I think this is because I am lonely/horny.

- Due to the previous point a friend of mine managed to convince me that this mega crazy hot friend of a friend may be in to me. It's a long story, so I will post more on that later.

-Due to THAT point I am going to go all out for this party tomorrow night. I have a super cute new dress that is slinky and sexy, but in that whimsical way that guys dig because they have to think about it. I highly doubt he will be there, but damn if he is, I am bringing my A game. And if not, we'll see if I can't have some fun anywayz. I am honestly at that point where I just don't give a damn and every time I have ever been in that mood, the planets have aligned and crazy shit has gone down.

So watch this space...


heart - break

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