The Boy (2012-04-16)

Reasons why I shouldn't like this guy:

-He smokes

-He's still at uni (although older than me)

-He is short-ish (although still taller than me)

-He is most likely a massive player

-He is a friend of a friend and I think my friend may be pissed if I tapped that (or more importantly, got tapped).

Reasons why I like this guy despite the above list:

-He is OBSCENELY hot

-He is wicked smart. The first time we met we had a 20 min conversation/debate about Dickens. Oh and the reason he went back to uni is because he got in to law.

-He likes Star Wars (already ahead of McDouchehead)

-He's quite flirty and has complimented me in a very unaffected, but way more awesome way.

Now if only I could be sure that he liked me back :/


heart - break

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