The Boy II (2012-04-23)

Dear Readers,

Soo by some not insignificant miracle the fates smiled upon me and I freakishly bumped in to aforementioned boy on my way out from a party and managed to pull off the ultimate accidental meeting-
a) I didn't notice him, he noticed me and literally ran after me
b) I was wearing make-up and heels and a sexy secretary dress and apparently looked hot
c) I managed to show off said dress by executing a burlesque move I learned several years ago- finally came in handy!- which he seemed to appreciate.

This directly resulted in him (very smoothly) giving me his number and better yet he was super duper supremo keen to come to the movies and laksa on Wednesday.

Yes, that's right, on Wednesday I shall be enjoying the ultimate combo of hot boy, hot conversation, awesome food AND The Avengers (eeeeeeee!)

Best. Day. EVER!

Now, you all just need to keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't completely balls this up.


heart - break

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