Rat on a Wheel #2 (2012-05-27)

Dear Readers,

Sooo as you all may have guessed from the previous entry, I am kind of stressed about uni at the moment. This is not helped by the Boy making an (albeit half-arsed) appearance once more and the realisation that I must be PMS-ing up a storm because I have been completely irrationally homicidal over stupid things and my boobs are really really sore.
This combination does not have pretty results. I tend to sugar binge and my skin turns to shit and I get super crabby and am likely to bite your head off if you look in my direction.
Ohhh yeah, it's HOT.
The other thing that tends to happen is that I lose all motivation and get fed up with the mundane academic BS that pretty much makes up my degree and therefore waste lots of time NOT doing what I really should be doing. Thus I end up with a massive deadline looming and fuck all time to do a shitload of work, making me even more stressed.
It's a vicious, vicious cycle that I just can't seem to break.

heart - break

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