Black listed (2012-05-29)

This is the current list of shit that is pissing me off:

#1 (with a bullet) Uni. Or more accurately my continued moronic tendency to leave shit to the last minute and shoot myself in the academic foot all the time. I am so behind on this essay and it is worth 40% of my grade. Sigh.

#2 People who bitch about shit/people doing whatever and THEN GO BACK FOR MORE. For fuck's sake, if you really did hate it/them, then you would just walk away, but clearly it's less about your actual feelings for it/them and more to do with your love of/need for constant bullshit & drama. STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT IT. I DO NOT CARE and BTW, I never did! If you are so stupid as to continue to repeat the same fucking cycle ad nauseum, you are not worth me wasting my time on. Come back to me when you grow a pair & have actually moved on like an adult.

#3 My stupid fucking body completely fucking itself up- WHILE I WAS SLEEPING. What. The. Fuck?! Now I am in shitloads of pain and can barely walk. AND I am about to get my period. Of course!

I need cuddles. And chocolate. Not necessarily in that order....


heart - break

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