No-man's Land (2012-07-21)

Dear readers,

So, all in all, not a bad evening. I met his best friend (who is a chick, but she is married to someone else, so all good). She was nice and ironically more zany than I am, which was reassuring. They clearly spend fuckloads of time together, but at the same time, she always made sure to involve me in the fact she asked me arse loads of questions and probably spent most of the dinner talking to me. I had to make sure to involve the other couple who were there, otherwise they would have been ignored the entire time lol.

So I seem to have passed that test, I think.

The hilarious part is, what I realised by the end of the evening is- he does like me, I am 99.9% sure of this now. He was completely different with her, very relaxed and clearly very comfortable, but he still sat next to me at dinner & I arranged for him to sit next to me during the movie and more importantly he checked in with me the entire night, looking at me, asking if I was alright, making sure to always be standing or walking next to me, mentioning me in various comments, introducing me first to the BFF and generally treating me on par with her. Honestly, it was like the other couple (the girl of whom has known him for 10+ years) weren't even there.

The problem is, he's still a bit awkward with me in front of other people. So he didn't even really say goodbye, which is a bit annoying. We did have a text convo when he got home (at like 1am lol) but I'm still a bit wtf? Like I get not going for a pash, but seriously dude, hugging in front of friends is ok!

And he is craptastic with phone contact, by all accounts, including the BFF. Thus, I'm not sure where this is going to go, because I don't know if he is ever going to have the balls to make a move & I can't make one because then he's going to feel put upon & it will get mega awkward with the group. Knowing my luck I would suddenly be invited to stuff all the time. Sigh.

The issue is that I kind of need a group thing, because he's much more confident when alcohol is involved, but I seem to have been blacklisted by everyone, or at least by the queen bee person, so same difference.

So, I'm basically screwed. Sigh.


P.s the movie wasn't actually that good, I was a bit disappointed...

heart - break

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