Outcomes (2012-08-28)

Dear readers,

This will be brief as I'm on my iPad but I just got back from a sorely needed holiday which gave me some perspective on some stuff.

1) I need to very seriously start looking for a new job and more importantly applying & practising interviewing etc so that when the right one comes along I NAIL it.

2) I need to start looking at houses before summer sets in for real as I will melt in my current place & I feel embarrassed to have people over which sucks.

3) I need to give up on the Boy. We are now at week 5 sans contact- fb doesn't count- and I am over it. I just discovered that he spent the weekend on his family's farm with his BFF & a random girl/s. they may very well just be friends, but fuck it, I shouldn't have to stress about that! Also we are definitely past the exam window, so he has no fucking excuse anymore for not contacting me beyond the fact that he doesn't want to. Maybe he's afraid, maybe he's busy, whatever, the outcome is the same, and frankly, it's bullshit & I deserve better.

Now I need to go have a convo with Joel about all of the mean girls shit & convince him that nothing is going on with the Boy, which will hopefully be easy, given that there isn't.


heart - break

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