A shout out (2012-10-03)

Dear readers,

I'm mulling over something someone said about The Boy today and I must say, I don't like my conclusions.
But I am trying really hard not to obsess over it, so in other news I have also been finding new diaries. I love that, I haven't done that for a while. I suppose I should delete some of the old ones but I like to keep them there, just in case they ever update again.
My main problem is that a whole bunch of people are now locked AND don't have notes so I can't even ask for a password. This makes me sad :( so if anyone out in diary land who is on my favourites list and has recently locked up, but is happy for me to read them- I promise I am not a crazy catfish person!- then pretty please send me a password or leave me a note. If you're on my list it means I really do want to read what you write!

heart - break

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