Update (2013-02-28)

Dear Readers,


In under 48 hours, I kicked some serious ass and managed to 1) Finish the first chapter of my dissertation, 2) Find a new, seemingly awesome place to live, 3) Sort out a dickload of stuff at my old job and put out several metaphorical fires and 4) Have my ethics application finally get approved so that I can commence data collection.

The problem is that now I am exhausted and am feeling kind of beige again. I am also not doing so well on the sleeping front, which isn't helping things...

The new job is still insanely political and stressful and I have been considering applying for a post that has just come up at the most prestigious place for my line of work. I doubt I would get it, but I might at least get an interview.

sigh. It just sucks, because the kids are soooo cute, I just love them and I love doing therapy again, it's awesome...I just can't stand probably 90% of the adults that I work with. Minor technical detail :s

And then there is the Boy....I don't even know where to start with that, just thinking about it makes me tired.

It's fucked, in a nutshell.


I really suck at this moving on caper, I know. This is why I am in the process of trying to organise a very harsh, brutal truth chat with a friend who I know will tell it to me straight and give me some good, honest advice.

Goddess knows I need it, I have no fucking idea what I am doing by myself.


heart - break

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