Flirting is my drug (2013-03-28)

Dear Readers,

So I am flirting my ass off with someone I'm not even interested in and I'm a horrible person. Sigh.

I have told him I just want to be friends- several times- so I'm not a complete bitch, but at the same time, he has texted me every day since he got my number and I have responded, ending up in these marathon convos full of banter and flirting, which perhaps sends a bit of a mixed message.

The thing is, it's fun, SO MUCH FUN. He's smart and he gets my random references and can actually keep up, which is rare for me. He is hilarious and makes me laugh. And conveniently distracts me from all of The Boy bullshit. Ahem.

I guess what I am asking myself is, if all that shit with The Boy han't gone down, would I still be doing this?
And I'm reminded of something that Gallus said many many moons ago 'It's nice to be wanted.' Damn but if I don't know it right now.

I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about it.


heart - break

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