Current shit and stuff (2013-05-03)

Dear Readers,

I really should get my shit together with this whole regular updates thing.

So, first up, medical shit: I went to the specialist Dr. Who kept me waiting for an hour, and was then just like the rest of the medical profession e.g no bedside manner, who treats people like a disease, rather than a person. Ironic given that she specialises in something that is incredibly sensitive and she was about as emotionally in tune as a brick wall.

This kind of depressed me, but I had a chat with a good friend who was more positive and I have decided that all is not completely lost- I still have an appt with the specialist physio and I will just go back to the first Dr that I actually liked after that. She can consult with the specialist lady if she wants, but as far as I'm concerned, I would prefer personality and someone who doesn't make me feel like a sample in a petri dish.

Boy shit: Still no word from the Boy. That whole group went to NZ for bitchface's wedding and I saw a photo of him and got really pissed off. So far, no indication that he is actually with that girl, which mollifies me slightly, but not enough to forgive him.

Meanwhile that guy from the previous entry freaked out a few days after I wrote that, because he "can't be just friends". Sigh. I tried to sort it out, but he refused to actually talk about it like adults. Double sigh.

Essentially he really liked me, but didn't want to like me, so tried to turn me into a fuck buddy, which of course was never going to happen, which I think he actually knew from the beginning. The whole thing was really weird and I still don't understand it, but the upshot is that we're no longer talking. Which did bum me out, but there is not really much to be done.

And then, since then, I just keep meeting all of these guys in really random ways. I met two lovely 36yo's like 2 days apart. One of them was super interested and wanted me to know through the grapevine and I have the option of going on a double date, which I am keeping on the back burner, more because I don't want it to get weird with mutual people.

The other one just blew me away in terms of quite possibly being my male equivalent in the most random ways. We have so much in common and seem to think the same way to the point where I swear I thought he was reading my mind when we met. I'm not sure that I am attracted to him 'like that' but we got along so damn well, I am happy to go on a date to find out, so we are going to brunch on Sunday (coz we both agree, brunch is fucking awesome!).

Uni shit: Ugh. Although I did have something really fucking cool happen, where a very big fish and the current hot thing in neuroscience research contacted me to say that she wants to read my little baby study, so that was kinda freaky.

Otherwise I have pretty much been procrastinating like a champ, which I really have to stop as it is due in 2 months and I still have ten thousand words to write of the damn thing. Ugh.

Speaking of, I need to do some data coding and make some cupcakes, so I shall bid you all adieu.


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