Unsure... (2013-05-07)

Dear Readers,

So I think that my 'date' went well on Sunday. We talked really easily and had this nice back and forth organic flow thing happening. The thing is, I'm not 100% sure that it WAS a date.

Like he got there 20 min early and sat super close and was super touchy feely and then kissed me goodbye somewhat unexpectedly, but....I'm not sure that I know what he wants. More importantly, I'm not sure that HE knows what he wants...

I don't know, I am probably spazzing over nothing, but there are a couple of red flags that are making me uneasy. And I haven't heard from him since either (despite the fact that he said that he wanted to go out again). So yeah, I dunno.

I suck a dating, that I do know. Maybe time to invest in some cats?


heart - break

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