Ha bloody ha (2014-03-31)

Dear Readers,

The universe has a very bizarre sense of humour, often at my expense it seems.

Through THE most random set of circumstances, I bumped into MONA guy last night. I am not exaggerating, it was literally fucking weird cosmic alignment shit- even more so than when we first met.

I went to a comedy gig and then we went to this particular restaurant, but it was shut, so then we went to a different one, which was ALSO shut (despite both of these places usually being open on a Sunday). Thus we ended up going to this random place in Southbank. Then, because we ended up there, my friend said she would drive me and our other friend to her car as it was close to restaurant #1.

Thus we were walking to the carpark at a particular time and he happened to be walking on the same street at the same time, having just been to a comedy gig himself (as a reviewer) and was going to catch public transport home.

What the ACTUAL fuck?! Like, what?! How does that even happen?!

And just a thousand things could have happened so that we didn't cross paths- we could have crossed to the other side of the road earlier, as could he, my friend could have not bought a big issue, we could have been on the opposite side of the CBD if either of the first 2 restaurants had been open…you get the idea.

Anyway, he was happy to see me. And was very warm and open, which I didn't expect given the way things worked out and how awkward it could have been. And we managed to cover a fuckload of topics in a short space of time (while my friends studiously waited for me in an inconspicuous way).
-Me being sick, which he was quite concerned about.
-The fact that I could (and implied that I SHOULD) have contacted him, even though it has been like 2 months.
-Travel that we each have planned for this year.
-Work stuff on both sides.

And he seemed like he wanted to keep talking, even though we both had to go, but he kissed my cheek (again, weird) and said it was nice to see me…and then kept talking. And he said he forgave me for not responding to his last message, as I had a good excuse.

And eventually I did end the conversation and he said that he would see me around…and then added on 'Or you could actually contact me.'
'Well, you have my number, you could contact me too!'
'Aaah, but see, *I* already did, it's up to you now.'

So, after much discussion with my friend in the car, who threatened to invite one of the people who drives me nuts in the office to every joint social event if I didn't contact him, I caved and replied to the message he had sent me 2 months ago.

And he just replied. And I don't know what to make of it.

Men. Fucking impossible!


heart - break

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