Anxiety can go suck it (2014-05-10)

Dear Readers,

So I'm not doing so well. My anxiety is back with a vengeance and kicking my arse. I don't know if it's the new pill that I'm on, or the stress at work, or the intense psych sessions I have been having but it reared its ugly head last night/this morning so I got no sleep and vomited a bunch of times.

Why, why must you fuck with me?

I was doing so well, and now this.

I am completely spazzing about MONA guy, but also other people I am just friends with, so I know that it's not just feelings related.

And I feel broken and like shit. And annoyed with myself that I can't keep this in check. That part makes me wonder if it is the new pill, coz last time it was due to that and I knew partially because I couldn't keep myself together at ALL and normally I am able to manage it okay.

Fuck having my brain sometimes, it's a total slut.


heart - break

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