Complicating factors (2014-11-19)

Some notes on the previous entry:

1) We've been friends for 3 years. He's not from here (neither am I), so I think I am one of his closer friends.

2) I met him as one half of a couple. They broke up (after 6 years) about a year ago. I am pretty much the only one- apart from her- who is still friends with him, even though it was amicable and he did nothing wrong. I am still friends with her too.

3) When they first broke up, she kept talking about us dating and how we would make a great couple and it made me really uncomfortable, thus I went into hyper denial mode and made a really big deal out of us being JUST FRIENDS. I have subsequently stopped this over the last few months, but still.

Like I said, complicated!

heart - break

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