Outcome (2014-12-15)

Dear Readers,

So, update:

That guy did a douchey thing that really upset me, but on the upside it helped to kinda clarify the whole issue- I don't like him "like that" but I'm lonely and it's nice to have someone around to have fun with. Non-sexual fun, just to be clear!

We had a chat last night and cleared the air and then just got on with it and had fun together. No awkwardness, which was awesome. We laughed and we had dinner and we went to the movies and we laughed some more (to the point of actual tears) and it was lovely but not in any way romantic, which was surprisingly reassuring. I have been questioning that whole situation for the past 6 months off and on, so it was actually really nice to finally be able to relax and know exactly what was going on.

Meanwhile I went on a date with someone else last weekend and it was AWFUL. Sigh. Like the human equivalent of Eeyore. It was exhausting and probably the second worst date I've ever been on. I hate dating, seriously, it just sucks. And I know that it is a necessary evil, because how else do you find out about someone, but honestly, I just wish it wasn't so goddamn hard all the time.

Anyway, bed time now!


heart - break

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