Life is weird (2015-02-22)

Dear Readers,

My life is kinda crazy right now and work is blowing up in a good way. My writing has gotten noticed and I am going to have some pieces professionally published- purely as a result of me being bolshy and bailing someone up at an event.

I went on a date today with a guy that I asked out. And he was cute and sweet but far far too young. And while it was just for this thing I was doing and I KNEW it wouldn't work out, part of me felt kinda bummed. It would be nice to go on a date with someone when I want to pash them after.

And Friend Guy was also on a date today- his ex bumped into him. Hilarious. So that explains the weird behaviour at least. I didn't really feel anything when I heard- except amusement at the awkwardness of the situation. But now I feel a bit, I don't know, smeh. It's irritating to think that someone can ask someone out, just not you.

While I know it's for the best on both counts, it would be nice to be wanted. Just once.


heart - break

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