Fork in the road (2015-05-26)

Dear Readers,

I feel like my life is overly complicated. I found out today that someone has gotten away with something that then makes my life difficult.

I am torn between throwing down and fighting for what I want (my usual path) and walking away because it's just so much bullshit and drama and stress.

If I pull it off it could be great, but I'm just not sure what hell I am going to have to go through to get it.

I'm exhausted and my health isn't the best. I have to have a crazy meeting tomorrow I am not looking forward to. I think I shall need to power dress and potentially even wear makeup (quelle horreur!) just to boost myself.

I've said this before, but I will say it again: I really need to get laid. It's the only thing that truly helps me to be calm and composed enough so that I seriously don't care. About anything. I have survived horrific weddings with not a care in the world off the back of a particularly delicious session with Gallus (multiple orgasms will do that to a girl). Ironically I need to get fucked to not give a single one. Sigh.

Alas guys are dicks and I haven't met anyone I'm even interested in in ages. Damn having standards. And being turned off by morons (probably my bigger issue). Side note- why the fuck is every guy I meet at the moment 26?? Too young! Too stupid! Bah!


heart - break

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