Placemarker (2015-11-15)

Dear Readers,

I've had a much needed shift in mindset of late. I am mulling over things again, but with a different perspective, a new lens if you will.

Concurrently I am very disorganised and behind on a few things- most particularly my trip. 'Oh you'll be away for the holidays' they say, surprised. I smirk in response. This is deliberate my friends, my psycho step sister is getting married and aside from my hatred of weddings, I have no desire to be anywhere near that drama.

But I really need to book some accommodation. And return flights. And internal flights. And my Xmas cruise.

I lack motivation for any of it, while finding motivation in other areas long forgotten. Ironic, non?

I will write more later I promise. Right now I am lacking in time and motivation to write, but I will. There are things to be said, for posterity if nothing else.


heart - break

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