A trifecta hour (2015-12-09)

Dear Readers,

So I had a pap smear, a vaccination and a date within the space of about an hour today. And look, while the pap test was not exactly a walk in the park, it was a far cry from the agony I usually experience. Discomfort, yes, but stabby burny feelings that make me wish for death, no. AND I haven't been sore afterwards, which is a definite first! I can honestly say I handled the initial part quite easily, it was just when she had to click it open that it was uncomfortable- which is apparently un-fun for most women I know, so that makes me feel better. And now it is done for several years, huzzah!

The vaccination was also okay and I didn't react as significantly as normal, so that was awesome.

And the date was smeh. Not bad, just not great. He's an ok guy but no chemistry and he was nervous so we didn't talk as easily as before and conversation was like pulling teeth. Again though, I experienced this significant change in mindset in that I was waiting for him to impress me, to make himself worth my time I guess and he just didn't, so I cut it short. This might sound harsh, but my time is precious as I am still working like a crazy person, so why waste it when you know you're not keen on someone?

And it doesn't bother me in the slightest that it didn't work out. I have been out with 4 different guys in the past 2 months and exchanged numbers with a bunch more- there are plenty more fish in the sea! That and I am going overseas for over a month in a week and a half. I can't be arsed starting something to then have to put it on hold. Reeks of effort and potential drama, no thank you!

So seemingly, the epiphany continues to have lasting effects. Who would have thought it?


heart - break

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