Updates (2016-01-22)

Dear Readers,

So, I read the entry I wrote at a similar sort of time last year. And I have to say, on the whole, 2015 was a helluva lot better than the year before. It was pretty massive, some seriously big stuff happened, but it wasn't all shit like 2014.

I went on some dates- but still didn't get laid. Oh well.

I stayed reasonably healthy and also felt much better taking charge of my medical care and telling the doctors to fuck off. I spent more on physio, but far less overall on specialists and far less TIME dicking about. I had a couple of medical meltdowns, but I bounced back. So I'm going to call that a win.

I found a psych that I like, FINALLY, but realised that I didn't actually need to see her that much.

I had 3 overseas holidays, taking my tally to 34 countries. Two were amazing, and the most recent once was pretty intense, but still an experience.

I took some more risks professionally- a few of which actually paid off. I have now presented at a conference and my name is starting to be known.

I had a massive turn over of clients in the past 12 months, but in combination with the above work risks, I have decided to take an even bigger one. I quit one of the jobs that I hate, in order to devote more time to my private business.

I am also taking on a bigger management role with more stress at my other job, so I am trying to lessen my stress in other areas. It's just not bloody worth it.

I read a lot and also had some of my writing published and have had some interest from other people in my travel blog, so some of the time off will also be spent writing. I will continue to submit pieces. Perhaps nothing will become of it, but if last year taught me anything, it's that you never know. And I enjoy it, so fuck it, why not?

So essentially, aside from needing to lose some weight and my love life being non existent, things are definitely on the up. Which is good, because this year is going to be crazy.

Hopefully it's good too…


heart - break

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