Developments (2016-02-21)

Dear Readers,

So, I had a second date with the touchy feely guy- after a week of drama and miscommunication that then got sorted out, but he was definitely different this time around. Not touchy feely for a start, in fact all touch was initiated by me. And it was so much better because I could assess how I felt and what I wanted to do.

I'm still on the fence, but there have been some positive developments:

1) I definitely feel safe- providing I can call the shots
2) I actually quite enjoyed cuddling and being held this time around- maybe because I initiated it?
3) He made me laugh and feel a lot more comfortable
4) He was really sweet and respectful, it was WEIRD but nice
5) I don't think he is as much of a player as he makes himself out to be- he asked me lots of questions about Poly Guy and was visibly disgusted/horrified at the idea.
6) He made a genuine effort to get to know me and told me lots of random stuff about himself, I feel like he values me as a person.

On the flip side, there were some less positive parts.
- He kissed me and it was, to be honest, a bit smeh. Again, for someone who talks such intense game (he sexted me AT WORK last week, TWICE, wtf?) and seems to get so grumpy when I don't reciprocate, he was totally tame and kinda sloppy.
- He was late again. I feel like I'm always waiting for him.
- He didn't organise food for me, whereas he did last time. He was concerned when I got a bit tired and out of it, but still, you have the power to change this buddy!
- I think he thinks I'm kind of heartless. He asked me lots of probing questions about my family and how I felt about things and how I felt about the Poly Guy situation and he didn't seem comfortable with a lot of the answers.
- He talks about exes and people he has dated A LOT.
- He wants to know the ins and outs of my past relationships/people I have dated, which just feels a bit weird.

And while he did organise our next date at the time and obviously did kiss me and then tell me to text him when I got home, I haven't heard from him today at all. This is odd for him, he normally texts me most of the day, everyday.

The other weird thing that happened last night was that I got hit on at the bar whilst on the date. This was weird for me, normally I would flirt back (he was cute), but I just felt kinda odd about it when I was on a date with someone else. Not that Touchy Feely Guy has any claim, but I just felt like it would be disrespectful I guess. If the situation was reversed I would feel pretty pissed off and treat others as they would treat you and blah blah.

So I guess we will see. Hopefully I will make up my mind about him sometime soon!


heart - break

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