Booty call fail (2016-05-10)

Dear Readers,

So I broke my hiatus in a big way and went on 3 different dates with 3 different people in the space of 10 days. One fit into the 'boring, no personality' category, one fit into the 'I wish I liked him' category (Doctor, lovely, took me to an amazing place for fucking delicious Yum Cha- knows the way to my heart is through my stomach!- AND was vouched for by a mutual friend) and the third actually had potential. Until I found out he had kids. THREE OF THEM. Goddamnitt.

The thing was, I got a vibe from this dude. This guy is like Poly Guy, except not poly. As in, I don't find him attractive, but I know I could sleep with him and he would show me a good time, 100% guaranteed. He is also big on the chat and not afraid to talk about sex, with a very clear idea about consent and its importance. The rarity of this in my life, caused me to do something I never do and take a risk.

Essentially after our date I sent him a text saying that I didn't want a relationship, but I would be up for some fun. I KNOW! What is perhaps more surprising is that he has yet to take me up on this offer. Apparently he is crazy busy, but still. Who doesn't prioritise sex? I just don't understand!

NB: The irony of the fact that I can't seem to get a booty call to happen the one time I actually WANT to be booty called is not beyond me, don't worry.

He was definitely attracted to me (spent the whole date rubbing my knee and talking about sex- in context, long story), but I feel like he isn't sure what he wants. It's somewhat hilarious that guys always talk about how they want to get laid and blah blah, but when you offer them a no strings arrangement, they get funny about it. Maybe because as the girl you are supposed to get emotionally attached and they get put out if you don't?

I'm serious about this, the times (rare as they are) when I have just slept with someone without feelings and been clear about that fact the guy has gotten quite upset/affronted about it. It's weird.

Sigh. How the fuck do you get a booty call to happen as a girl then? Please advise in the notes, ta!


heart - break

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