Cat and Mouse (2016-10-04)

Dear Readers,

There are times when I feel like I am playing a very dangerous game. I know first hand the horrors of sexual violence and male privilege, and yet we live in a world where it's not really discussed or acknowledged and if you do, you get labelled as 'intense' or 'psycho'. Or both. We also live in a world where the advent of Tinder has meant that now people (generally guys) arrange to meet up with certain expectations. EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT ON TINDER, THESE EXPECTATIONS STILL EXIST.

So, what's a girl to do?

The irony is, it's not that I am deadset against hook ups- long time readers will know that the opposite is true, as my stress increases, so too does my desire for a no strings playmate- BUT, it is the expectation that I find off putting. If I thought that I could arrange something and still be safe, and in control, and able to pull the plug if I wanted to, I would be in like Flynn, but alas, guys can get mean. And violent. Because we live in a world where agreeing to meet seemingly is seen as a promise, when it should be nothing more than a chance, and anything more should be earned.

Unfortunately, I have no fucking idea how to get it all to work, so instead I find myself in this cat and mouse game, where the scariest part is that I am not entirely sure which role I am playing.


heart - break

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