Fuck Cancer (2018-02-23)

Dear Readers,

This is going to be short and sour. I am not in the mood.

This is because I found out today that my friend from work who kicked breast cancer's ass roughly 3 years ago found out this week that she has cancer again, this time in her lungs and liver. 'Treatable but not curable' to quote the surgeon. And I am fucking shattered.

Any tips on how to be chirpy but not asinine/ridiculous when your friend has been handed their death notice?? I know she isn't going to want me to be upset, and I have offered practical shit e.g making meals when she is having chemo so she doesn't have to worry and her husband can just take care of her and she can eat a bit if she feels up to it. But how do you talk to someone when you are really fucking upset and worried that they are going to die?

Any help guys? I'm all ears.


heart - break

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